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We have a wide range of skills to help you achieve what you are lookng for. Here are some of the things we can do for you.

Minor repairs.  
Stripping doors. 
Colour schemes.
Painting wood work.      
Painting walls and ceilings.   
Stripping walls and ceilings.
Re-lining walls and ceilings.    
Colour matching and colour mixing,  
Replacing door and window furniture.
Detailed highlighting  to cornices etc.
Papering walls and   Papering ceilings. 

To save expensive constructional repairs and keep the value of your home it is important that all cracked, peeled and weathered surfaces are dealt with as soon as possible. We can offer  you the following: 
Painting walls. 
Replace door furniture. 
Guttering & down pipes. 
Minor repairs to brickwork etc
Repairs to minor areas of wet rot.
Re-puttying and  Minor re-glazing. 
Painting windows, doors, porches etc
Metallic paints for gates and railings etc.
Painting fences, garden furniture, sheds.  
(Exterior work is now being pradually phased out and we will be concentrating in future on interior work; Meanwhile we continue to do exterior work for  long standing clients and for new clients we will be offering skilled contacts with colleagues who do exterior work!)

We offer a wide range of special and artistic painted effects to walls and woodwork including:
Rag rolling.         
Colour washing.     
We mix our own colours wherever necessary to achieve as bold or subtle an effect as required.

Many architectural features of the original room may have been ripped out during past fads for modernising.  We  can help restore it to its fullest potential by installing such things as:
Door cases
Dado/chair rails. 
Capitals & plinths
Wall Panel mouldings.
Picture rails/architraves.
Ceiling medallions/roses.

Our Philosophy
We do not quote for work or offer to undertake anything for which we do not have experience and competant skills . If there is something you need and we feel that it is not within our range then  we will offer you contacts. 
Likewise we will offer you what we consider to be the best solution for the job in hand- and with sensitive regards to the house, its architecture, and your needs..
You can also rest assured that we will not suggest any work which is unnecessary or which will add to your costs. The price we offer is for the work listed in our quote so there are no surprises!. If anything else if required by you then we will additionally quote for it.

The Right Solution
We will discuss with you at your leisure all aspects of the work that you have in mind and offer our suggestions based on our extensive design and decorating skills.
Colour charts etc are supplied.
We do not impose a design or schema on you, but work with you and the style/period and fixtures and fittings extant to achieve the right solution.

Quotations and Workmanship
Our detailed written quotation will list everything which was discussd when we visited you- you will then know exactly what you are getting for your money with no hidden surprises.
I do all the work personally- and do not subcontract work out - therefore you know who will be on site! I occassionally have an Assistant working direcly with me  to my specification.
We have a strict code with regards to the care and security of your home. (please see the page: Home Security & Peace of Mind)
Additionally we have a clearly explained and professional work method and code of practice (please see the page: Code of Practice), based on many years experience in the trade.

Anything Else You Need?
As already stated, we will not undertake any work in which we are not skilled and have previous experience. However, if there is anything not listed here which you may require - then just ask us, it is possible that we can recommend a skilled and reliable local tradesman suitable for what you have in mind.

to arrange a free consultation please contact us on:

The House Painters