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To re-assure all our clients we have developed our own Code of Practice based upon over 26 years of experience.
 Code Of Practice
  1. Security: The security of the house shall be paramount. (a) No keys shall be lent or used by any other person other than Stephen Cox & Assistant (b) No details shall be passed by him to any third party re. the house or its contents or movements of client. (c) No person shall be permitted to enter the house when the painter is there unless specific authorisation has been left by the client. (click here for page on:  Home Security & Peace of Mind)
  2. References Two shall be supplied to client if requested prior to client accepting our quotation.(click here for page on: Clients Testimonials )
  3. Conduct: Shall at all times so order our conduct as to uphold our integrity, and to carry out work in accordance with good practice and recognised standards achieved in the neighbourhood in over 26 years practice and at all times pay particular regard to the maintenance and observance of this Code.
  4. Quotation: (i) No work is undertaken on a verbal basis but written quotation. (ii) This shall itemise all works required by the client. (iii) The Quotation is the price to be paid. (iv) Any discounts or preferred terms shall be listed at the time. (v) If the work shall be of such a nature as to preclude the submission of a quotation for the entire job then a day rate shall be offered. (v) If acceptable the client shall sign the booking slip and deliver together with the deposit.(click here for page on::  Our Quotations)
  5. Price/Payment: The quotation given is the price to be paid with (a) 33% deposit at commencement and balance on completion. (b) No discounts or deviation from the quotation shall be undertaken after acceptance; (c) any discount/preferred terms are stated in the original quotation.
  6. Deposit If client cancels work prior to or during work then deposit is retained. If client cancels or postpones work during progress then a portion of the balance will also be paid by client according to amount of work completed by mutual agreement. If painter has to cancel prior to start deposit is returned in full.
  7. Day Rate: In such cases, prior to the commencement, the client should be informed of the day work rates for labour and materials; day-work sheets and/or fully costed time-sheets should be presented to the client if so requested.
  8. Guidance Sheet: With the Quotation the client shall receive a Guidance Sheet itemising advice for the smooth running of the work, storage of materials/eqpt., best practice and mutual convenience.
  9. Inspection: The client shall inspect the work daily to ensure everything is proceeding to his/her wishes.
  10. Check: At start of work the client shall arrange with the HousePainter a check re. extant opening windows, marks, general appearance/condition of working area .
  11. Clearing: Please remove from working area ornaments, pictures, curtains, furniture etc in readiness for the start date (bulky/heavy items it should be possible to retain in situ if you cover them).
  12. Specification: (a) We shall always recommend to the client a method of treatment suitable to the task in hand. We shall faithfully abide to the terms of our recommendation. (b) We shall recommend materials suitable for the job. (c) Materials will be used in compliance with manufacturers recommendations.
  13. Tidying: On completion the area is tidied: room vacuumed (or drive/path swept), windows cleaned, and all our debris is removed from site
  14. Additional Works: Any works required by client additional to original Quotation & Schedule of Works will be quoted for in writing. This refers to (a) repairs/problems with structure etc not noticed when quote was given/found during progress of work and (b) additional works/extras client requires added on during work.
  15. Other matters: We are not to be expected, without financial compensation, to rectify matters which are not our responsibility.
  16. Timing: We shall advise of the approximate duration/completion date of work.
  17. Storage/Access: We shall advise requirements re: access times, water & power, storage of materials & equipment.
  18. Colour charts: Of the HousePainter’s standard selection shall be supplied free to the client. (click here for page on:: The Materials We Use)

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