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You can be sure that when you contact us you will get a detailed quotation not ust a verbal estimate. You will know exactly what you will be getting with no hidden charges!
Our quotations are specific, detailed and based precisely on what we have discussed and what you have asked for when we came to  give you a free consultation at your home.
What Is An Estimate?
An estimate is just that- it is simply a rough guide (usually verbal)  to give a householder a rough guide to the cost of a job. We advise not to accept estimates as the basis for jobs and never accept verbal estimate or verbal quotations.
What is a Quotation?
A Quotation is something far different: In our case it is a written detailed list  (what we call "A Schedule of Works") of all the items that are to be included in the job, and the type of materials to be used, and the price.
Our Quotations
We only supply a written quotation and never a verbal estimate or quotation. Our quotation is dated, lists name and address, and refers exactly to the notes that were made on site with you when we came to visit to discuss your needs for the job.
our Quotation will include the following:
1. Price (and whether it is labour and material or labour only)
2. Date
3. Schedule of works: this is a detailed list of all the items which we discussed with you about what you wanted done. we ask you to check this list carefully to ensure that everything that you wanted is included.
4. Timing: An approximate start and finish date.
5. Materials:  It will also outline (a) matetials to be used (b) type of finish (eg matt or silk etc) and (c)colours. (please also see the page: The Materials We Use )
Colour Chart
A Colour chart (of 302 colours) is supplied to you for you perusal at your leisure when we deliver the Quotation/Schedule of Works.
What Happens Next
If you are happy with the Quotation then you simply contact us and agree a start date and payment of deposit.  If required further free advice can be offered at this stage - for example regarding which colours you want if you are not sure or optional extras you might have been thinking about.
We then agree the start date/time,  access, security,  storage and the work commences!!
we are pleased to offer References and Testimonials. To see what some of our past clients have said about us and our work, please click here! (please also see the page :Clients Testimonials )

Police  Warning
Be aware of people going from door to door trying to get you to have work done. They are sometimes a cover for burglary etc. Such ploys include "I am working in the area and notice you have some tile lose would you like it fixed" etc.
1. Never let strangers into your home; 2. Never take on work from a random call at the door. 3. Always get a written quotation and be sure that this in includes name address and telephone number.

Always know before what you are getting and how much it will cost!

to arrange a free consultation please contact us on:

The House Painters