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We use our professional judgement based on 28 years decorating experience to choose the most suitable materials for the job we do for you. 
We offer a creative, sensitive and professional approach to the materials we use, based on many years experience and skilled artistic training and insight.
Here we outline some of our procedures with regards to materials.
Labour only or all in quote?:
Our quotation would normally cover labour and materials and all equipment needed. However, sometimes a client has their own contacts for materials, or has a special preference of manufactuer in which case we can supply a quote for " Labour Only (please see the page Our Quotations)
Our materials and suppliers:
We have trade accounts with a number of local reputable wholesalers.
The materials we use are those of which we can be sure and of which we have experience over many years. We select the materials for your job from among our own preferred brand names with which we have accounts.
We supply you with our own professional colour chart free, which is extensive and has over 308 colours to choose from
(a) We shall always recommend to the client a method of treatment suitable to the task in hand. We shall faithfully abide to the terms of our recommendation
(b) We shall recommend materials suitable for the job.
(c) Materials will be used in compliance with manufacturers recommendations.
Advice is given as to approximate odour levels etc. Wherever possible we prefer adequate ventilation at all times during progress of the work.  All tins etc are sealed and stored at the end of and during each day.
If you require specialist paints because of any personal health needs etc, please ask us and for a small additional charge special low odour and/or fast drying paints will be used.
Type of finish:
It is worth considering what type of finish you want for walls. For example, is it an area that has lots of traffic or where childrens dirty paws will  make marks? in which case a silk or soft sheen finish is probably better;  the same goes for any areas that might be better wipe-clean such as kitchens and bathrooms. Alternatively living ares such as dining rooms, bedrooms and lounges are usually better in the softer warner matt finish.
We can also advise as to relevant colours and shades best suited to various types of rooms/spaces, furnishings, period of house, and architectural features. We will not impose a design or advice but work with you to achieve a solution for what you have in mind.
During the course of many years we have developed our own preferences for paint manufactures and suppliers. These include the high quality paint manufacturers  such as Johnstones, Glomus, Finnegans, Ronseal, and Dulux etc.
We obtain all our materials from local wholesalers,  (with whom we have trade accounts) who are authorised outlets for recognised and long established propreitary manufacturers.
There are many different types of finish and constituency and we will advise what is most suitable.
But if you have a specialist finish in mind other than from our 308 Colour Chart- for example Heritage Colours-  then these can be supplied from a specialist chart at a small extra cost
Or you may prefer to supply your own materials.
Paint and Brush
Our own Colour Chart 300, with which we supply you, has 308 colours to choose from. This we leave with you to make your choice in your own time at home 
Alternatively if you cannot find the colour you want we can visit you and help you choose a colour from our Designer Colour Swatch Book which has over 1302 colours!!

We offer References and Testimonials To see what some of our past clients have said about us and our work, please click here.Clients Testimonials


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