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To conclude our website we have designed some checklists to help guide you through questions and maintenance about your home.

Our checklists are designed to help you in three fundamental ways:
a) assess various aspects of your home and help you decide what you may want to do.
b) if there is a problem which you may need to have addressed.
c) to provide information on such matters as conservation areas and  responsibilities; Neighbourhood Watch and so on.
1. Exterior of your home- problems to look out for and vigilant maintenance.
2.  Interior of your home - similarly things to look out for and what the cause may be.
3. Conservation- Reading Council guidelines on conservation; conservation area; responsibilities.
4. Security- Neighbourhood Watch: what they do, how they operate, who to contact about setting up a scheme; advantages.
5. Your Design: design and colour scheme: how we work with you to create your design and not impose one on you.

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