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'The House Painter'

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Welcome to
The HOUSEPAINTER web site!

Since 1978 Stephen B. Cox has served the residents of the university area of Reading, Berkshire in England with a friendly, caring, creative professional service. A full range of :
Interior Decorating• Design• Restoration• Installation of architectural features• Artistic effects•
NOTE: The House Painter is now retired.This site is provided for historical purposes and for householders guidance only.
We live and work in the university area of Reading in England and cater in particular to the needs of the residents of that area. We aim to make the selection and process of decorating your home an exciting and painless experience: we pride ourselves on a unique, individual caring service which is friendly, professional, and responsive to bring sparkle and charm to your home or office..

No matter what your needs we can assist you: from all types of the usual  full range of Interior Decorating (painting, papering, repairs etc)  to specialist services such as:
  • Restorative & Restoration decorating.
  • Detailed highlights to cornices and mouildings.
  • Decorative effects to furnitiure.
  • Installing dado rails, picture rails, cornices & ceiling roses.
  • Sponging, Dragging, Stippling, Colour Wash, Ragging , & other artistic effects.
We will deal with the project with sympathy and respect never forgetting that this is your home!
We further re-assure you by stating that: we do not sub contract- all work is undertaken personally, and we offer  local references from satisfied and ongoing clients.   We are  Neighbourhood Watch/ security approved. (see also our Clients Testimonials page)


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Stephen Ben Cox

my personal website is now open
The personal website of Stephen B. Cox (author/web manager of The House Painters) is a now open.
we create a unique colour scheme and design to suit your specific needs.
SITE MAP IS IN THE INDEX ON THE FAR LEFT, IN 3 SECTION (Overviews of our work & testimonials;    Our Work;      History of art/design, architecture and Reading history)


to arrange a free consultation please contact us on:

The House Painters