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'The House Painter'

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We never forget that this is your home - and we treat it with the care we do our own. Home security is a prime issue these days and on this page we re-assure you.
You can rest assured that while you are out and we are working on your home security is a high priority!!
Here we outline some of our procedures with regards to security.
(a)No details with regards to house contents, etc shall be passed on to anyone.. 
(b) No details shall be passed by him to any third party re. timetable or movements of client.
(a) No keys shall be lent or used by any other person other than Stephen Cox.
(b) Door keys, window keys etc shall not be left in a place observable from any window. 
(a) No person shall be permitted to enter the house when the painter is there unless specific authorisation has been left by the client.
(b) Windows etc shall not be left open when the decorator is away from the premises.
(c) If requested by the client the decorator can advise a neighbour when work is completed for the day and the decorator has left the building.
(d) The decorator will not talk to callers to the house, or offer any information whatsoever about his timetable- unless prior advice given (eg letting the cleaner in, giving  a package to a courier or signing for delivery etc)
(e) The decorator will ensure all windows, bolts, doors etc are secure before leaving for the day.
(f) If an alarm has been installed the decorator is happy to arm this on leaving (and disarm on arrival for work).
(g) No callers shall be admitted to the house.
References Can be supplied from past and ongoing clients. We usually offer 2 to a new client, if so requested, prior to your accepting our quotation.
Conduct: Shall at all times so order our conduct as to uphold our integrity, and to carry out work in accordance with good practice and recognised standards achieved in the neighbourhood in over 26 years practice and at all times pay particular regard to the maintenance and observance of our Code or Practice and Secrurity Measures.
A Neighbourhood Watch scheme is an excellent way of reducing crime in any area and helps to bring a neighbourhood together.
A Neighbourhood Watch can only be set up with the approval and supervsion of your local police force who offer support and laison at all times
There are many schemes all across the Reading area and there may be one operating in your own road, or nearby. If not then have you thought of starting one in your road? It is simple to set up and you'll get all the help you need from the watch laison officer at Thames Valley Police.
(Stephen founded the Neighbourhood Watch for Elmhurst Road and Marlborugh Avenue. He is the present coordinator of the scheme ably assisted by his next door neighour.)

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