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To assist you and help in the smooth running of the job and minimising incovenience to you, here is our Clients Guidance Notes.
 Clients Guidance Notes

Here are some Notes to assist you with the smooth running & completion of the Work:

  1. Usage: If the area is an interior living/working area (e.g. dining room) then it will be cleared away and made ready for use at the end of each working day.

  2. Storage: It would be appreciated if an area could be provided for the overnight storage of tools/materials/stepladder.(or in room being worked on).

  3. Exterior: Overnight storage of ladders in the garden overnight is appreciated

  4. Windows/Doors: Arrangements to be agreed to allow windows to be opened during working period and ensure access to house to ensure closing for security at end of day.

  5. Locks: Please leave a key if windows have locks on them.

  6. Papered Areas: In the case of kitchens & bathrooms it is advised that the area be free of heat/steam/moisture etc for a period of 36 hours.

  7. Clearing: Please remove from working area ornaments, pictures, curtains, furniture etc in readiness for start date (heavy items; it should be possible to retain in situ if you cover them).

  8. Daily Inspection: It would be appreciated if you would inspect the work/room each day to ensure that everything is proceeding according to your wishes.

  9. Check: At start of work please arrange with me a check re. extant opening windows, marks, general appearance/condition of working area .

  10. Deposit: (a) If client cancels prior to or during work, deposit is retained. If cancelling etc during progress a portion of balance also paid according to work completed by mutual agreement. (b) Deposit returned in full if for any reason Painter is unable to start the work

  11. References: Can be supplied from local (University area) clients. To see what some of our past clients have said about us and our work, please click here.Clients Testimonials

  12. Security: For your peace of mind re. reliability and security I would mention that I also run the Neighbourhood Watch (Elmhurst Road/Marlborough Avenue)

  13. Materials: Are included in the quotation. If you supply, materials this will be listed.

  14. Access: Is required at any time between 9.00 am and 5pm. Unless you are at home for the duration of the works, please supply a key if no one is at home all the time.

  15. Tidying: On completion the area is tidied: room vacuumed (or drive/path swept), windows cleaned, and all debris is removed from site.

Thank you for reading this.

Your assistance in the above is appreciated.

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to arrange a free consultation please contact us on:

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