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Neighbourhood Watch schemes are a partnership between the Community and the Police. They help reduce crime and bring neighbourhoods together. 'The House Painters' are proud to support and participate in this scheme

Since their intoduction Neighbourhood Watch have spread all over the UK and have reduced crime considereably in the areas where they operate.
'The House Painters' operate a very strict home security code on all properties that we work on and encourage all our clients to both improve their own security procedures and also to join a scheme.
Here is some information to help you.
Neighbourhood Watch schemes are a powerful tool in the fight against crime in Britain today. But there are other benefits too for example:
1. They help bring a community together and help people to get to know each other.
2. They generate greater peace of mind and help reduce the stress in life.
3. Some insurance companies offer a reduction in insurance premiums for residents who are registered with a scheme.
4. There is advice and guidance on home security.
5. Builds a strong partnership between the police and the community.
6. Generally improves the quality and safety of a neighbourhood.

"First please let me introduce myself. My name is Liz Herbert. I am the Neighbourhood Watch Manager for Reading and I have worked for Thames Valley Police for nearly 10 years. I look after all matters relating to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes . We currently have 1400 NHW schemes in Reading!

Neighbourhood Watch is a group of residents working in partnership with Thames Valley Police and other agencies to make their communities safer. The size of a scheme is between few and 100 houses. It depends on the area where you live.

In order to have a NHW scheme in your area you need a person to be a co-ordinator, a person who geTs the scheme together, a point of contact for the members and TVP. Your scheme co-ordinator will receive crime information via "Ringmaster" which needs then to be passed onto the members.

It is very important that NHW schemes inform Thames Valley Police of any issues or concerns their Neighbourhood is experiencing. One of the most distressing incidents is anti social behaviour, whichcan affect one house or a whole community.

Anti Social Behaviour often involves groups of people hanging around, shouting and screaming, damaging property or cars, knocking over wheelie bins and intimidating residents. These incidents often occur in the evening.

If you have problems with Anti Social Behaviour please keep a diary of when the incidents are happening, descriptions of people etc. Tell your NHW co-ordinator and report all the incidents to The Thames Valley Police Enquiry Centre on 0845 8505 505. The reason these must be reported is because all incidents are collated and a pattern can form . This information can then be sent to The Sector Team who can then target their resources and increase patrols in your neighbourhood.

If you are interested in starting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme please contact Liz Herbert on 9536250"

We operate our own code of practice with regards to securuity and the protection and care of properties on which we work. To find out more about this please click on this link:  Home Security
For your your assistance here is some basic advice:
1. Have external security lights fitted.
2. Never leave keys and walletes etc on view near a window or door. aleays take them to bed at night.
3.Never leave windows open when you are out. Or at night when you are upstairs asleep.
4. When you are away ensure that a neighbour pushes the mail through the letter box. Perhaps a neighnbour can regularly check your property. Also cancel milk and papers.
5. Make sure a neighbour knows when you are out for part of the day.
6. Consider having a burglar alarm fitted.
7. Don't tell strangers when you are going away or will be out. Just your closest neighbour etc.
8. If you have a side entrance/passage to the rear of your house consider putting up a fence.
9. Fit window and door locks/bolts.
10. Don't open the door to strangers without a security chain. And never let strangers in to your home. If someone claims to be on official business request photographic identity card and telephone to ascertain the person is who he/she claims to be.
11. Have timer lights on at night when you are out. Synchronise these to switch on and off at different times in different rooms.

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