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Stephen B. Cox

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Stephen has lived and worked in the University area since 1976, previously having taken his degree at Reading .
meet the
"house painter":
Stephen B. Cox
He has been a full time decorator in various periods since 1978, and in the last 3 years has re-launched his pre-eminent skills in this arena and gone back to devoting his energies permanently and full time to this, after various periods in education and charitable/voluntary work.
He is  an experienced and state qualified British teacher (Post Graduate Certificate in Education, (passed with Merit). He took his Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours) at the University of Reading majoring in Fine Art (with History of Art and Architecture). He was awarded a Britsih Council Post Graduate Exchange Research Scholarship- travelling to Romania for a year where he was at the Institutul de Arte Plastice 'N. Grigorescu' in Bucharest, and visited all over the country, incl. Wallachia and Transylvania.
He has taught in several sectors of British education including;
Comprehensive, & Grammar schools; Technical Colleges; British Public (private that is) Schools; and also a private tutor.
He spent some years as a professional painter and sculptor holding one-man exhibitions in museums, theatres, art galleries, arts centres etc across the UK. And he created study placements for young unemployed people. He was also involved in the promotion of the arts in local government and in the health and theatre and business sectors, and founded and helped run artists groups.  In this period he also spent time travelling to and researching prehistoric sites, and camped out nearby to develop a  deeper understanding of and respect for them.
He also founded The Wessex Artists Union in 1978; set up an Artists Apprenticeship Scheme for unemployed young people during the years of British recession; and pioneered the bringing of professional artists into state schools. He also established the system of art exhibitons at The Hexagon, Reading's major entertainments complex. hew also ran scholarships for younng adults from across Europe to study in and work in England
Broad experience of running summer schools for other organisations brought him into contact with a wide variety of students from many countries worldwide and he also designed excursion itineraries for groups of foreign teachers. He has taught students from: the USA, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Estonia, Romania, Hungary.
For the last few years he also taught privately and also written a large number of small books on mythology, folklore, history, heritage, and ancient religions. And he also designs & teaches programmes on wellness, and physique development, body training, meditation etc.
He has been running expeditions, field trips and summer camps to Dartmoor National Park for 12 years. And also runs research excursions for teachers and students to ancient sites all over England. In recent years he has been involved in teaching and promulgating outdoor education for people age 16-30 via unique projects to offer character building, personal skills & aptitudes & team and leadership skills and self discipline together with a powerful interaction with tradition and Nature via his expeditions and "cultural camps" to Dartmoor.
He has written over 40 small books on European history, folklore, mytholgy, ancient religions, philosophy, and self- help. He also run and designs courses and workshops on these and related subjects. In 2002 and 2003 he gavea series of public lectures around the Netherlands and Belgium.
He is the founder of: The European Library;   European Heritage School, Albion Pilgrimage and the Dartmoor Experience;    European Heritage Foundation.  
His hobbies/pastimes are: gardening; hiking; camping; ancient site research; writng poetry; Gaia spirituality; walking; Nature watch; wildlife; home wine & beer making; books; body training/workouts; music; folk singing, legends & folklore. 
He is a former member of the Council of Managment of Director of the Design & Artists Copyright Soiciety (DACS) in London. He also founded his local Neighbourhood Watch in liason with the Thames Valley Police.
He first started decorating when he was a child assisting his father (where he also first developed his love of gardening - and he is still a very keen gardener). His first decorating job came from the then head of the Italian department at the University of Reading many years ago- they had bouught one of his paintings for their lounge and then found that the room needed decorating- and so he did it! The rest they say is history.
He is often asked back by clients undertake new works on their home.  He is pleased and honoured to be able to say that many of his clients have now become some of his best friends over the years. He is able to offer new clients a wide range of references from past clients.
my personal website is now open
The personal website of Stephen B. Cox  is a now open. There you will find out what I am doing now  incl. my researches & writing on History, Folklore, Memoirs;    Photography;    Garden &Wildlife;  etc

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